Why You Should Hang Up When Insurance Companies Call

Have you ever been in a car accident and then, days later, been called by an insurance company that wasn’t your own? Did they ask for a recorded statement? If that has happened to you, hopefully you said no. Giving them a statement would only jeopardize your case, and here’s why.

Insurance companies want to reduce the number and amount of claims they pay out as much as possible. They can do this if they have enough evidence to prove you were the one at fault in an accident and your insurance is the one that ought to pay. Once you give a statement, there’s no taking it back. The insurance company can twist and use whatever you said against you. This is why giving a statement to someone else’s insurance provider is risky.

“But,” you argue, “I’ll just tell the truth. The accident was clearly the other person’s fault!” Unfortunately, when money is on the line, “what actually happened” doesn’t always matter. The police, your lawyer–these people have your best interest at heart. It’s safe to give them and your own insurance company statements. But don’t be deceived by other insurance providers. They don’t have your best interest at heart.

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