Reporting Reckless Driving

Reporting Reckless Driving Especially Involving Commercial Vehicles and Trucks Commercial Vehicles and trucks are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is under the United States Department of Transportation. Depending on the situation the FMCSA may process complaints. Complaints can be made to the FMCSA against vehicles that are driven recklessly. The only problem with this regulatory body is that its jurisdiction is limited to vehicles that traverse more than one state. These complaints can be filed at their offices from Monday to Friday during business hours. The complaints can also be filed over the internet in the National Consumer Complaint Database.

The above option of reporting reckless driving though convenient is unsuitable for emergencies. In emergency situations, the department of transport advises that one should call the police or the department of transport hotline. In this case, the emergency dispatcher can notify police who are nearby or emergency medical services in case the vehicle in question has caused an accident. The report should be specific and should include the location, vehicle description, license plate number and the reason for concern.

Commercial vehicle and truck drivers who violate state regulations can be reported to the local State Department of Transportation. Violations in local regulations and requirements that may be reported include drunk driving, exceeding hours of service, exceeding speed limits, using the phone while driving and driving uninspected vehicles. With the recent advances in technology, there are phone applications for reporting reckless drivers. Some applications such as Nexar which run on both android and apple can detect incidences of reckless driving in their field of view, take video and send the information to a central database. The central database has been used by Nexar to monitor repeat offenders.